Authentic and inspirational leadership is not only Dana’s passion; it’s her calling.  Her vision, dedication, and sharp skills for developing a leadership program for lawyers in Colorado resulted in the Colorado Bar Association Leadership Training program (COBALT), an outstanding leadership program which has nurtured and enhanced the leadership skills of hundreds of lawyers. My own participation in the 2009 class was one of the best experiences and investments of my personal, professional, and leadership journeys.  Under Dana’s leadership, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, ways to more effectively communicate and collaborate with others, tools to cultivate my leadership skills, develop my own goals for authentic and inspiring leadership, and put those plans into action.  Over eight years in working with her in the program, I’ve observed Dana put her own skills to work to help professionals better understand their individual and organizational strengths, develop and build solid skills for successful leadership practices, and inspire leaders of all levels.  She consistently did so with great integrity, grace, impeccable organization, and passion.  Dana has the experience to develop a leadership strategy to leverage and unleash your leadership potential. -- Mariana Vielma, 2009 COBALT graduate

Dana Collier Smith is truly a pioneer in leadership training.  Especially, when it comes to leadership training for lawyers.  She assisted in the recognition of how important leadership training was for the Colorado Bar and then built the current leadership program (COBALT) in coordination with the Colorado Bar President at the time from scratch.  Dana has consistently improved COBALT and has a passion that is contagious.  I graduated from the 10th COBALT class, and I was caught off guard at the significant impact it had on my personal and professional perspective and behavior.  Openness to leadership is a powerful, necessary, and humbling attribute that every community desperately needs.  Dana knows how to open your eyes to this dynamic and if you work with Dana, you will be incredibly glad you made the time and commitment.  -- James Hopkins, 2016 COBALT graduate

Dana's leadership and direction for COBALT made the program what it is today.   She has the special skills required to identify and respond to the issues facing leaders in the law---whether in the organized bar or in the law firm setting. -- Bill Walters, Former CBA President


Dana is a master of making everything run smoothly.  She knows what is needed before you do and it is taken care of in such seamless fashion that even the most experienced magician would be hard pressed to see how her magic works. --  Connie Eyster, 2007 COBALT Graduate

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